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7/6/13 12:48 am

I guess it really is just anything that i could ever happen to even think about verbally be confident enough within myself to and actually sooner but probably more later if at all to personally speak upon to.do nothing but wholeheartedly express my feelings physicallg makes me the living spawn of satan


You're right and i'm wrong forever, for trying to and just being me, so please just yell at and tell me how fucked up of a lying cunt I am just a littl more, but more constant like this time.


I don't have anything to show for my life or any friends that i love to love me back according to you, right??  and after all, i'm only the loser piece of shit nothing of a wreck like your cousin said the other night.when you agreed with her after all, right????


Or am I even allowed to be in the forming sorts of any kj f of least that would be of and seem stably fit in and of only out of the dominant overlooking jot that you see to and fits witjin your personal likings?

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5/30/13 06:09 am

I'm up again..

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5/5/13 03:31 am

I just wanna be able and hopefully soon get back to the really caringly sweet part of me but, there's too much fear in my way.


Not all men are dicks like that one jerk who held my heart was almost two years ago.


Why am I still holding on to that loathing sense of hell that I was  tricked into ever calling love?


I'm aware that I need to just let go, however, I cling to the hope that only resides within itself. I do know that one day I won't be so bitter or miserable about this anymore so, until then or that place in tine decides to fall...


I'll be here awaiting the taste of life even if it passes my time in this life or me by..


Eventually again, my spirit will fly.


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5/4/13 03:05 am


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3/31/13 04:03 am

Fucked up n chillin with my boooois

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3/25/13 03:30 am - It's,

otter go sleepy nini tiiiime!!

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2/18/13 09:22 pm

I made a new friend named Jeff, he's a really sweet guy!!

2/15/13 01:30 am

Here we go again

2/2/13 05:23 am

I need a car..

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2/1/13 03:54 am

Well I am drunk, Happy 26th to me!

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